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email delay delivery

How to Sent Scheduled Email Outlook – Delay delivery

Delayed – Scheduled Email Outlook   Want to sent an email early morning tomorrow ? Do you know you could use


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how to avoid ransomware attacks through emails

how to avoid ransomware attacks | You will be no exempt from this ! Everyone is a part of this huge campaign . Be alerted about that email with Invoices , Quotes and application for fortune or lottery scheme that comes to your email from an unknown person. The title and content is so appealing that you are induced to open the attachment.



HP probook series 4530s and 4730s users reported a slow startup black screen issues after the windows 10 upgrade compatibility issue with AMD graphics

Tips to improve PC laptop speed

Every system see slow performance gradually on its period of use . The reason for this

Outlook error contacting : Fixed

Outlook error contacting |Did you ever faced Outlook popping-up error when opening email with images

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stop doing this to improve battery life of on computer

Today we cover the dos, don’t dos and best practices to improve battery life of your computer . We hereby highlights the habits that sucks out the life from your valuable gadget battery. This will also help increase overall life of your gadget. Let jump


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r1Soft restore backup from cPanel

r1soft restore backup | R1Soft is a popular backup software to create automatic backup instances of websites. This can be used to restore files when required using c Panel control panel . But this does not applies to restore SQL databases . Below are the step by step instruction on how to restore a website backed up using R1soft. Step 1: Browse to R1Soft in cPanel Log into Cpanel and Navigate to Files –> “R1Soft Restore Backups” icon in cPanel. Step 2: Choose the Recovery Point Once you are in the backup server , you are able to view the

improve battery life on computer


Today we cover the dos, don’t dos and best practices to improve battery life of your computer . We hereby highlights the habits that sucks out the life from your valuable gadget battery. This will also help increase overall life of your gadget. Let jump in without further ado, Stop running your device 24X7 Give it some time to rest ! Many of us keep our PC on 24X7 because we (pretend) don’t have enough time to wait for a shutdown and boot up cycle. It takes merely seconds (10 seconds or less with an ssd ) for a shutRead More →

how to change ssh password freepbx

Did your freepbx dashboard notified a security certificate error ? ” There was an error updating certificate : REMOTE_ADDR didn’t parse “. Lets see how to resolve this Basically the error is part of outdated firewall module which comes in sync with certificate renewal using letsncrypt or similar services. The danger of this situation is that, in most cases firewall has got disabled automatically and it leads to huge volume of attack from internet How to sort REMOTE_ADDR didn’t parse error ? Update the modules, specially the firewall module. But it is recommended to do all to avoid any moduleRead More →

clear browser cache

Knowing how to clear browser cache is key to solve many browsing issues. Slow browsing experience, login errors, functionality access error are only some of these. Given we have loads of browsers available for free (thanks internet), we will try to cover your favorites. Lets dive in right away How to Clear Cache in Chrome Choose any of the below steps to reach cache settings in chrome, a. Click on three vertical dots , top right to browser and navigate to More tools –> Clear browsing data b. Click on three vertical dots, top right to browser and navigate toRead More →

Came across nice themes or plugin ? Here we are trying to give a genuine mythemeshop review with no promos. In this topic we will cover Intro on is one of popular wordpress themes and plugins developer company which provide 100+ premium and free products. They have around 50+ free themes and plugin , which include rankmath plugin. Rankmath plugin popular seo plugin which also a very good alternative to yoastseo. Multiple categories of amazing themes include blog, business, eCommerce and magazine. While there are some obvious limitation on free contents, the premium service license comes inRead More →

how to speed up windows 10 laptop

Struggling with a slow windows 10 computer ? These six latest tips can help you improve your pc performance using these 5 tips on how to speed up windows 10. 1.Disable auto startup of unnecessary applications Software in the auto startup will not only slow down the startup process, but also will take up RAM and disk even though not in use. So it is always recommended to remove the heavy and rarely used apps from the startup. Online drive apps like Onedrive , Dropbox are great examples for this. Here is how to do this a) Right click onRead More →

how to change ssh password freepbx

Many guides and forum discuss on how to change ssh port in freepbx. But they lacks enough information to complete the process. So here we composed all steps in one page from wide internet ocean. Changing SSH port is highly recommended on a freepbx which is to internet. Hackers all over the world is constantly attempting to get into pbx using open ssh port. Lets jump into the steps 1. Login to console as root user Login to CLI console as root user by ssh or any other console option if available. For example, The cloud service provider VULTR hasRead More →

how to change default font in outlook 2016

How to add email signature in outlook ? It is pretty straight forward and steps are similar on Windows and MAC versions. In this article, we will also cover the steps for android and ios versions. Outlook signature doesn’t have any character limitations compared to hub spot or gmail signature block. Lets jump in Set up signature on Outlook for Windows or MAC 1. Navigate to Signature settings Click on New Email and chose the Signature menu in the tools bar 2. Add new signature block On Signature and Stationery pop up window, Click on NEW and fill the promptRead More →

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Netextender is Sonicwall’s SSL VPN client. In this topic,we will look how to setup netextender sonicwall vpn. Once the SSL VPN is enabled on the firewall (use this guide if you havent enabled yet ) , follow the below steps . Note:All guides are based on the new interface 1. ADD USER WITH PERMISSIONS User profiles has to be created for each user and permissions should be set as required. Navigate to System Setup –> Users — > Local Users & Groups Select Local Users Click Add In SETTINGS tab, fill and note Username and Password Under GROUPS tab, selectRead More →

how to configure ssl vpn sonicwall,how to setup ssl vpn sonicwall,how to enable ssl vpn sonicwall,how to configure ssl vpn in sonicwall firewall

Netextender is sonicwall’s client for SSL VPN connection. Here we explains how to configure ssl vpn on sonicwall and configure users for connection to the firewall using netextender. Before we setup users or install client, we have to make sure SSL VPN is enabled on WAN interface. If you have already done this Skip to the next step. Note: All guides are based on new interface 1. ENABLE SSL VPN ON WAN ZONE Navigate to System Setup–> Network –>Zones–>WAN–> Configure Check Enable SSLVPN Access and Click OK to save. 2.SETUP SSL VPN SERVER SETTINGS Navigate to Connectivity–>SSL VPN –> ServerRead More →

disable office 365 onedrive sync,

DISABLE OFFICE 365 ONEDRIVE SYNC | Office 365 applications by default gives the option to save the file to One Drive. Removing the one drive from the programs does not disable office 365 onedrive sync. It only, remove the file sync using the software. But users still have the option to Save file to one drive. Lets us have a look on how to disable this for Office 365 business users 1.LOGIN TO SHAREPOINT ADMIN PORTAL Browse to Sharepoint Admin page using your Administrator login. Chose SharePoint admin from Admin centers in the portal or see the link below WorldWideRead More →