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email delay delivery

How to Sent Scheduled Email Outlook – Delay delivery

Delayed – Scheduled Email Outlook   Want to sent an email early morning tomorrow ? Do you know you could use


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how to avoid ransomware attacks through emails

how to avoid ransomware attacks | You will be no exempt from this ! Everyone is a part of this huge campaign . Be alerted about that email with Invoices , Quotes and application for fortune or lottery scheme that comes to your email from an unknown person. The title and content is so appealing that you are induced to open the attachment.



HP probook series 4530s and 4730s users reported a slow startup black screen issues after the windows 10 upgrade compatibility issue with AMD graphics

Tips to improve PC laptop speed

Every system see slow performance gradually on its period of use . The reason for this

Outlook error contacting : Fixed

Outlook error contacting |Did you ever faced Outlook popping-up error when opening email with images

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stop doing this to improve battery life of on computer

Today we cover the dos, don’t dos and best practices to improve battery life of your computer . We hereby highlights the habits that sucks out the life from your valuable gadget battery. This will also help increase overall life of your gadget. Let jump


We pay your Premium Antivirus

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r1Soft restore backup from cPanel

r1soft restore backup | R1Soft is a popular backup software to create automatic backup instances of websites. This can be used to restore files when required using c Panel control panel . But this does not applies to restore SQL databases . Below are the step by step instruction on how to restore a website backed up using R1soft. Step 1: Browse to R1Soft in cPanel Log into Cpanel and Navigate to Files –> “R1Soft Restore Backups” icon in cPanel. Step 2: Choose the Recovery Point Once you are in the backup server , you are able to view the