6 tips on how to speed up windows 10 laptop or pc

Struggling with a slow windows 10 computer ? These six latest tips can help you improve your pc performance using these 5 tips on how to speed up windows 10.

how to speed up windows 10 laptop

1.Disable auto startup of unnecessary applications

Software in the auto startup will not only slow down the startup process, but also will take up RAM and disk even though not in use. So it is always recommended to remove the heavy and rarely used apps from the startup. Online drive apps like Onedrive , Dropbox are great examples for this. Here is how to do this

a) Right click on Taskbar and open Task Manager

b) Navigate to Startup tab. Right click on name of the desired app and select Disable

how to fix slow laptop

2. Clear System Caches frequently speeds up your windows

The cache files and temporary files will pile up and utilize resources as time passes. This include the monthly minor and major updates introduced in windows 10. It is important to clear these at frequent intervals to improve system performance. For that,

Go to Windows start menu and (search term Disk Clean-up ) Open Disk Clean up utility . Select the drive C: on the prompt

Click on Cleanup system files & Select the drive C: on the prompt

Now scroll and select the folders & file. Remember to uncheck such as Downloads if you like to retain downloaded files. Click OK and patiently wait for the process to complete.

fix slow windows 10,
how to speed up windows 10

3. Clear browser caches

Clearing system cache wont clear browser caches except that of internet explorer. As a general guide, navigate to browser settings and search for clear browsing data. Uncheck any data to be kept like saved passwords and proceed to clear.

Alternatively you can use ccleaner free software to clean up the cache all in one go. But we recommend you do this manually to avoid another software install

4. Disable hardware acceleration & back ground apps of browsers

Hang on! Its not as complicated as it reads. Browsers like Chrome and the new Chromium edge has got the above features which make our pc terribly slow. Both of these can be found from the browser settings–> advanced settings and you just have to uncheck to disable these.

In fact, hardware acceleration uses more of your memory and disk which is not generally required. As a result of allowing browsers to run in the back ground result, a lot instances of browser runs in the back ground even when you have closed the browser and tabs.

how to speed up windows 10,
increase windows 10 boot speed

5. Turn off location & other unused services

Make sure to turn off unused service like location, Bluetooth, nearby sharing which by default get turned on for most of the users during initial setup. You can do this by single click from the notification panel

fix slow windows computer,
increase windows 10 performance

6. Uninstalling windows 10 bloatware to improve speed

Windows 10 itself and the laptop / pc brandware most often install a whole lot of their softwares during the initial setup. This include but is not limited to Messaging, News , Mobile Plans , Xbox and others. We may never use many of them in our life time. Simply (search for Add or Remove programs on start menu) open Add or Remove programs and remove the tiny apps and inbuilt games which you wont be using

We tried to cover all factors on how to speed up windows 10 , but will add more as it comes. Nevertheless to say, ultimate speed depends on the hardware specification of the laptop you own. If you wish to know the up gradable part of a laptop please read it in our upcoming article


Now its your turn ! Let us know what is in your mind