Be Secured online

At daily basis a large number of the common internet users get hacked and become a victim of the cyber frauds. They become victim of such attacks because of the fact that they even don’t know about the word “Security”. There systems are majorly not up to date in order to meet the recommended requirements for security. As a result due to many weaknesses present in there system these are easily exploitable without any warning. I am publishing this article to help you let you know that how can you make your self more and more secure. It would not be the end there will be surely many more other ways to help you make your system more secure but once you get to the proper line you will be able to identify the frauds just at your own. I have already published many articles to let you know about the dark aspect of the technology. The Hacking! if you are a regular reader than you might be well aware of many facts already. What I’ll share today is the basics tips and tricks to ensure maximum security. There may be many further articles related to this section. So, better subscribe to Us.

Without a proper viral protection environment you are probably the victim of the latest viruses which may take your computer at the edge of the death. These viruses are often very harmful and are able to convert your smart available data in junked one. Without much effort. You should use a better antivirus program to ensure a maximum security against the viruses. Before buying a good antivirus you must check that! 

How to ensure protection ?

Features of a good anti virus are

Real Time Scanning for Threats
Real Time Web URL’s Scanning
Real Time Updates from the server for the new viruses
A Real time functional Firewall to monitor any kind of IP attacks and On-going and ingoing traffic
Real Time protection against all the viruses and phishing pages. In short a Web Protection Tool kit must be present.

Making Use of Virtual Safe Environment to Access Viral and Infected Files:
Sometimes we are forced to check some infected executable files. Here comes into play a Virtual Machine which will help you a lot in checking those infected files without infecting your real system and the Windows or OS under the use. I have posted some articles to install any OS under virtual environment. The theme is this that you can install “Virtual Box” or “VM Player” to use virtual Hard Disks and Virtual OS installed on them. So, After installing you can download any doubted file and can run that for inspection on the Virtual Machine. Lets, suppose that’s a keylogger, then a antivirus program will popup to help you out. Or else if you have run it, then go to processes and check any additional logging processes which can be associated to key logging feature on your machine. For processes open Task Manager. On upper Tabs the second tab is for process list. 

Make your USB or Removable Media Virus Proof:

You can always make your USB drive or Removable Media auto immune from the viruses. The most viruses come into play because of the fact that a single USB often gets attached to a large number of the computers because of the portability factor. So, system wide usage makes it full of virus sometimes and plugging that USB into a clean computer makes that affected also. Read this post to make your USB secure:-
Make your USB safe from viruses and Autorun Commands
USB Disk Security – Make your USB Virus Proof


The best available option is to make a Live Linux USB and then booting your computer from that after that plug in the viral USB which is suspected to have some Windows OS viruses. And get to the detailed listing mode i-e in which the file types is also shown. Keep the following points in mind (Press ctrl+H in Linux to get the hidden files also):-
  • Folders shown with .exe Extension should be ignored.
  • Any small File which is in hidden mode and appears to be in .exe format and .bat ones should also be ignored.
  • Don’t forget to check the autorun.ini file which will give you the information that which files should be executed on plugging in the USB
  • The music files and Images in most cases are safe from the viruses. Keep them under white list!
  • The software setup’s in more cases get infected. So, keep them at risk and don’t execute them under the Windows without scanning with a proper antivirus
  • If you can’t find any data. Then you can recover deleted or formatted USB data also. I shall post a tutorial on how to recover data using Linux and Windows.
Shortcut Autorun Virus Removal and Data recovery Short Technique

Visiting the Sites safely as much as possible:

Often times Hackers lay down a trap to hack people innocent like you. But you don’t get what’s going to happen with you and thus you become an easy victim. You might have read about the botnet as I have already posted. Now, a hacker makes you slave with many techniques present or many techniques hidden too which just a sharp mind can think or invent. We call these all techniques social engineering.

Now its your turn ! Let us know what is in your mind