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Every system see slow performance gradually on its period of use . The reason for this can range from piled up junk files to improper use of hard disk space. All of us has been looking ways to fix a slow PC or increase the performance at some point of time. Here are some tips, dos and don’t dos to increase the performance speed of your windows PC. You don’t have to be very techy to do this, just follow below steps Many temporary files remains undeleted in the system after use. This may pile up to take huge diskRead More →

How to share a Google calendar ? Email users, especially those who are using Microsoft outlook application seems to struggle sharing their Gmail calendar. This is same case with G suite users where their email and calendar are in Google servers. Even though there is a share calendar option in outlook, the sharing in this scenario is managed via Google calendar interface. Anyone can do this in 5 simple steps steps to share calendar on gmail 1.On your Browser, open (Login with Your google email credentials if prompted for sign in) 2. On the left, find the “My calendars” section.Read More →

Windows 10 users are getting annoying pop up notification, of missing scirpt file from their system . Can not find script file  “C:UsersPublicLibrariesChecks.vbs”  . This is been found due to some malware or adware that has been installed with illegal software such as video downloaders and mining software. Great caution has to be taken because some cases these software are injecting sleeping ransomeware with these software.  Here is how to fix this error How to fix error – Can not find script file 1. Go to C:/Users/Public/Libraries/  2. Create a new text file and add the below highlighted text to that file:   Read More →

We get stuck many time when our home or office network is automatically detected as public network . This will cause restricted access to network devices such as printer , scanner or any shared drive. There are a lot of ways to change this in Windows 10 from which we recommend to the Powershell option for tech savvies and admins. Change Network from Public to Private You will find this useful in windows 10 home series PC where options are restricted in settings.  Here how we do this using powershell in Windows 10, 1. Run Powershell as a administrator 2.Read More →

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Windows Ten Free Upgrade Windows ten have got wide acceptance due to its user friendly and upgraded features compared to its predecessors. Microsoft has ended its public campaign to provide free upgrade to its customer by last December. But if you like to have an upgrade now, we will guide you how to do it. Follow the easy steps mentioned below for a hassle-free upgrade from your old windows to new windows 10. Below are the free upgrade path note released by Microsoft. Otherwise if you look at an upgrade to a path other than below, it would require you toRead More →

Using single dhcp server for voice and data networks | Its quite common and easy to use two different dhcp server for voice and data networks. But have you ever came through a situation where a single network is used for voice and data ? This case we have to bind our call server, tftp and https server information to our dhcp server. Lets have a look at how to do this in a typical sonicwall firewall. You could try the same logic in all new generation Gui enabled firewalls    1. Go to DHCP server settings and click on ADVANCED options –Read More →

New interesting features Gmail | Have you tried the new Gmail interface yet? It really amazing! Well,hang on! Its not just new  interface but they have added many new interested and long waited features to it. Lets look at the main updates below   1.The new interface itself The overall feel of the interface is attractive, it took has took gmail to a new generation look compared to the old interface giving us feeling we are still at 90s. You have three option to choose from. Lets talk about cool default one, 2.  In line Attachments Attachments are shown in lineRead More →

 O&K Print watch monitoring software| Are you looking for a software where you can see your printer status or the one which sends you an alerts of low toner. This is really helpful if you are managing a lot of printer along with a lot of IT tasks. Here is one light and easy to use software – O&K PRINT WATCH. This is a really cool software with a lot of features we look for .  Features It includes but is not limited to Control network printers and MFP supplies. Tracking printing activity, print monitoring software. Rendering print job dataRead More →

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Antivirus free download full version| Technical engine is giving away premium anti virus to its subscribers without any hazzle or pain.  Subscribe to our newsletter and get a complementary premium anti virus sent directly to your email with simple setup instructions. Just fill in the subscription form to enable your device with protection from one of best anti virus softwares in the world .     | Original products | | We pay the money | | Premium Product | |Any Operating system | Get Safe and Secured ! Fill up the form and we will send License key   * indicates requiredRead More →

Whatsapp latest feature update | After facebook has acquired Whatsapp, each new version of it comes with a number of interesting features. Latest and of great interesting of these is the extended length of time for deletion of messages sent by the user. Currently, the message can be deleted within seven minutes of sending it. It’s the process of being extended one hour more, which is rumored to be around 4,096 seconds ( 68 minutes ). Last November, Whatsapp introduced the most requested feature of deleting messages within seven minutes of sending a message. Its also rumored that WhatsApp isRead More →