How to add signature strip in gmail ?

Adding an email signature in Gmail or your enterprise email is very straight forward process. How ever keep in mind it has got character limit of 8000 letters including spaces and commas. This wont be significant for a normal text signature . But it can give you hard time, if there are images and html codes.

Lets see the simple steps for adding signature

1.Login to with your email id and password

2. Click on Gear Icon – located top , right hand side of gmail as in below pic. And click on SETTINGS

email signature settings gmail

3. Scroll Down to SIGNATURE section . And Click on CREATE NEW

scroll down to signature panel gmail

4. Give it a name and Click OK. In this we are giving it name – MY Signature

name the new email signature gmail

5. Now Type in your signature and customize with the tool bar at the bottom of the Space. Alternatively , You can copy paste the signature strip sent to you by your enterprise IT guys or that your created using any gmail supported signature tools.

edit email signature gmail

6. Once you the signature strip is ready, you should set default signature for New Mail and Replies. This is to auto add email signature and you can ignore this option if you want to chose signature every time you compose an email. Gmail has recently added option to add multiple signatures. Again, this can be ignored if you got only one signature to add.

select default signature gmail

7. Finally, scroll down and click SAVE button to get your signature and the hard work SAVED

Hope this helped and guided you well to set an email signature on gmail and/or g suite email. Yes, It is pretty easy and straight forward. Bookmark and keep coming for similar easy guides. Do not forget to check our easy guide on settings an out of office message in Gmail/G suite here. Cheers and Enjoy rest of your DAY!!

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