how to add email signature in outlook| Windows, MAC, IOS, Android

Looking how to add email signature in outlook? It is pretty straight forward even and almost similar in MAC and Windows version of Outlook. We will also cover the android and ios version. Outlook signature doesn’t have any character limitations compared to gmail or hub spot signature block. Lets jump into steps right away

Outlook for Windows or MAC

1. Navigate to Signature settings

Click on New Email and chose the Signature menu in the tools bar

Alternative, use the below path

File–> Options

Once the pop opens, follow below path

Mail–> Signatures

add email signature in outlook 2016

2. Add new signature block

add email signature in outlook

On Signature and Stationery pop up window, Click on NEW and fill the prompt for signature Name

how to add email signature in outlook 365

Populate the empty box in-front of you with your new signature block and Click OK /SAVE button to finish .

3. Make default signature

Instead of selecting signature every time, you can chose one signature default for new and replies separately. This will add signature automatically when you compose or reply to an email.

how to add email signature in outlook

To the Top right of signature and stationery tab, you can see the option to choose default signature. Choose the email account (if you got multiple accounts configured) and select from the signature for New Email and Replies. Click OK to save the settings

Add email signature in outlook for android and ios

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down to Email –> Signature
  3. COPY/ Paste or type in the signature field and Click Save

You have got the option to choose different signature , if you got multiple accounts.

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