How to Block an IP Address with Windows Firewall

An IP address is the numeric label or sequence of numbers that is assigned to a computer or device used on the Internet or a LAN . It is a means of identification and determining the user’s address online. When an IP address is blocked, network connections to or from that address are not permitted. An IP address can only be blocked through a firewall that is installed on the computer. Windows users have two options for blocking an IP address Through the built-in windows firewall .

How to Block an IP Address Using the Windows Firewall

Step 1 – Select “Start” and “Settings” then open the “Control Panel.”
Step 2 – Double click the “Windows Firewall” icon on the subsequently displayed screen.
Step 3 – Choose “Inbound Rules” then click “New Rule.”
Step 4 – Click the “Custom” radio button then click “Next.”
Step 5 – Select “All Programs” then click “Next” twice in a row.
Step 6 – Pick the “These IP Addresses” menu option and click “Add.”
Step 7 – Enter the IP address to be blocked in the text field, then click  “Ok” and “Next.”
Step 8 – Choose the “Block the Connection” menu option then enter a name for the new firewall rule.
Step 9 – Click “Next” and “Finish” to complete blocking the IP address.

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