How to Forward Email from Google Workspace Admin Console

How to Forward Email from Google Workspace Admin Console ? A common question for the administrators . This is possible via admin console through default routing, advanced routing or via compliance rules. Lets look at these in detail below without further ado

how to forward email in google admin

Forwarding using Default routing

Navigate to Google Workspace Admin Dashboard, using your admin credentials.

Use below path to default routing

Apps -> Google Workspace -> Settings for Gmail -> Default routing

Click on ADD ANOTHER RULE and fill them as per below description

Add the email to be forwarded in the option 1.

Under option 2, choose ADD MORE RECIPIENTS and add the destination email

Finally, on option 3 choose the second one to perform action on recognized and non recognized emails.

Click SAVE and you are done.

Forwarding using Advanced Routing

When to use advanced routing ? If you need more control over the rules and advanced filtering option & conditions are required, advanced routing can be used .

Navigate to Admin Console and follow the path

Apps-> Google Workspace -> Settings for Gmail -> Routing

On the Routing Tab, Click on ADD Another Rule . Now fill the options as below and Click SAVE

Firstly, Give the rule a NAME

Option 1 allow to choose whether the rule should be applied on Internal / External / Outbound / Inbound

Under option 2, You can choose from plenty of customization, but for the purpose of this topic choose Add more recipients ( or Change Envelope recipient if you don’t want email copy sent to the original mailbox )

If you look at show more options, you can see more filtering option. This include options to filter mail based on sender or recipient. You can option to exclude some or a group of email and much more like this

benefits of forwarding from google admin console

When Gmail settings allows the forwarding of mail , what is the significance of email forwarding from google admin console ? These are a few cases

  1. An employee left the organization and want to forward all future communication to the replacement or the manager.
  2. Forwarding emails without a real mailbox under that name

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