Let us see how to use an ftp client such as Winscp or File Zilla to upload music files and greetings to Avaya server edition and application servers.

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(Skip this if you already got one)

There are many FTP clients freely available. You could use WinScp (which we are going to use here) or Filezilla which are commonly used ones . Please note there may be client and server version available for download. For our purpose, client is what we need. Download the setup and install from below links or directly from the site.

WinSCP Download link

FileZilla Download link


Open the installed software and fill the pop up as below

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File Protocol : SFTP

Host Name: Avaya Server IP Address

Port Number : 22

UserName: Adminstrator

Password : <password for the user>

Click SAVE and Click Login

You will be now presented with split screen . On the Right hand side is the Avaya system (target Server) and left Hand side is the PC file explorer. Navigate to appropriate folder given and copy the files and folder as required.

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