is windows 7 still good ? Google says not

Is windows 7 still good ? Users who are still reluctant to upgrade are warned by Google about the vulnerability of their current system. Windows 7 users using Chrome browser get advise to upgrade their operating system to the latest windows 10. This comes after some potential vulnerability is found recently by Google’s threat analysis group.

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Major bug was revealed with Google chrome browser. Malicious codes attacked is directed towards users having older version of Chrome with Windows 7. Large numbers of users are vulnerable to risk, which can enable Attackers to take privileged access of the PC

Even though the vulnerability is patched in new version, google recommend users to upgrade to Microsoft latest operating system to keep themselves safe. The bug affect windows win32k.sys kernel driver. The attackers can chain the driver bug with other security faults to do some serious damage. The vulnerability is aimed at older 32 bit operating system users . They are still under threat even if they update the chrome to latest version.

As of March 15 2019, Microsoft team is still working on a fix for the issue and time line is not defined yet. Microsoft had provided free upgrade to windows to the public who uses older version including 7 and 8.1. Even though they did stop public campaign, upgrades are still provided to special cases. If you wish to upgrade your system now to windows 10, this article will guide you though the procedure.

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