Outlook signature menu not opening [2016 2013]

Outlook signature menu not opening | Outlook in office 365 , 2016 and 2013 version has reported bug which prevent users from adding or editing signature to the profile. When you try to add or edit a signature by going to signature menu and the option gives no response. The error is experienced by both Windows 7 and windows 10 users , leaving them at cannot edit signature .

Microsoft recommends to do a complete reinstall of the office package that will sort out most of the trouble. We technical engine also recommends to do this first , especially if the installation is quite new. Remember to remove any left files in the Program data and App data after uninstalling the ms office software. It is always recommended to reboot your PC, before installing it again.

Registry error is one reason that will push you into this issue. This may happen if you have tried different version of microsoft office software on your PC before. Here we give some simple step to sort out the error caused by registry .

outlook 2016 signature

1. Before we start , it is important to make sure Outlook is closed. check task manager to confirm.

2. Open the registry editor .

How to ? Open RUN command, enter regedit and press Enter key.

3.  Follow the below path in registry editor according to the version

outlook on 32-bit version of Windows  

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Classes / CLSID / {0006F03A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} / LocalServer32 

32-bit version of outlook on a 64-bit version of Windows

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Classes / Wow6432Node / CLSID / {0006F03A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} / LocalServer32 

64-bit version of Outlook on 64-bit windows

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Classes / CLSID / {0006F03A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} / LocalServer32

4.   Once we are on this path , we have to look for “Default” and “LocalServer32” . You need to change the value data of both of the above to the installation directory of Outlook program.

Here we will take Outlook 2016 as an example. Its default installation path is C:Program Files\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE

5.Double click on the entry named Default and copy the above path to Value Data field. Refer to below image. Click OK once done.

Now you can close the Registry Editor. Restart Outlook to check if you are able to enjoy your signature option. Enjoy mailing !

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