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Let us see how to use an ftp client such as Winscp or File Zilla to upload music files and greetings to Avaya server edition and application servers. STEP 1 : INSTALL FTP CLIENT SOFTWARE (Skip this if you already got one) There are many FTP clients freely available. You could use WinScp (which we are going to use here) or Filezilla which are commonly used ones . Please note there may be client and server version available for download. For our purpose, client is what we need. Download the setup and install from below links or directly from theRead More →

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SET UP AVAYA IP OFFICE HOLD MUSIC Settings up Music on hold in Avaya IP office varies slightly depend upon the editions . Be aware of music file format and case sensitivity of the file name. Various edition has got time limits on the length of music on hold Maximum time allowed by various systems are as below: Lets jump in to the detail 1. FORMAT THE AUDIO Avaya IP Office system requires music on hold files to be in the below format. Avaya ip office hold music format WAV format 16bit 8 kHz Mono You may see that manyRead More →

how to change default font in outlook 2016

How to add signature strip in gmail ? Adding an email signature in Gmail or your enterprise email (google workspace) is a straight forward process. How ever, keep in mind Gmail has got a character limit of 8000 letters for signatures which include commas and spaces. This may not create a real trouble for a minimal text signature . But it can give you hard time, if there are images and html codes. Keeping this in mind, lets jump into the real subject, steps to add signature on gmail 1.Login to Gmail.com with your email id and password 2. ClickRead More →

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Getting error ‘you may be a victim of software counterfeiting windows 7 fix’ all of a sudden ? Even though there is a genuine version of windows 7 on your computer, this message has been popping up for many users recently . This is because the windows due to some or other reason cant reach the windows genuine authentication server. So how to fix counterfeit message ? This can be fixed using two simple steps, if you are using a genuinely genuine (Yes ! we mean it ) version of Windows. Let see it below Run CMD as administrator .Read More →

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Is windows 7 still good ? Users who are still reluctant to upgrade are warned by Google about the vulnerability of their current system. Windows 7 users using Chrome browser get advise to upgrade their operating system to the latest windows 10. This comes after some potential vulnerability is found recently by Google’s threat analysis group. Major bug was revealed with Google chrome browser. Malicious codes attacked is directed towards users having older version of Chrome with Windows 7. Large numbers of users are vulnerable to risk, which can enable Attackers to take privileged access of the PC Even thoughRead More →

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Ever wondered how to run cmd as an administrator ? This is pretty straight forward . Lets see how to do it in quick steps below On windows 7 machines 1.Click on Start Menu and Type CMD 2. Right Click on CMD appearing on search result and choose Run as Administrator from context menu 3.Click Yes on UAC prompt . Optionally Type in an admin username and password if prompted 4.You are ready run your commands as a privileged admin. how do i run cmd as administrator on windows 10 ? When it comes to windows 10, the process areRead More →

email delay delivery

Delayed – Scheduled Email Outlook   Want to sent an email early morning tomorrow ? Do you know you could use Outlook to compose an email and schedule to send it at a later time automatically ? The Delay delivery option of all version of outlook helps you do this. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to do this 1. Compose a new email 2. Navigate to OPTIONS –>Delay Delivery from the Ribbon Top Menu Bar 3. Check the box near to Do no deliver Before in the Delivery Options. Choose the Date and Time after which you needRead More →