How to Sent Scheduled Email Outlook – Delay delivery

Delayed – Scheduled Email Outlook  

Want to sent an email early morning tomorrow ? Do you know you could use Outlook to compose an email and schedule to send it at a later time automatically ? The Delay delivery option of all version of outlook helps you do this. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to do this

email delay delivery

1. Compose a new email

2. Navigate to OPTIONS –>Delay Delivery from the Ribbon Top Menu Bar

3. Check the box near to Do no deliver Before in the Delivery Options. Choose the Date and Time after which you need the composed email to be sent

4. Optionally fill in Other options in the pop up as you require or Leave it as is.

5. Add the contact email address and Click Send.

You could see this email in the out box but the email will be sent only after the time we have specified above. Make sure not to close the outlook or else this message will be sent only when you open next time after the time set has been reached.

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