Set Up Out Of Office In G Suite Gmail

Most of G suite or Gmail users having outlook seems to search for out of office the outlook Menu. The best and most effective way to set out of office message or vacation responder is from the gmail interface. This allow you to turn on vacation responder from and to specific dates and senders will get instant notification with your message within these dates . Below are the easy steps to set a vacation responder for Google mail users.  

gsuite gmail out of office

How To Set Up Out Of Office 

1. Login to your using your Gmail or G suite account user name and password

2. Click on the wheel/cog   in the right hand corner of the screen and go to  Settings

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3. Scroll down to the Vacation responder:  section

How To Set Up Out Of Office In Outlook G Suite

4. Chose the option – Vacation responder on and Complete the fields as

First day : The day from which you need senders to receive your vacation message

Last Day: The day Untill which you need senders to receive your vacation message

Subject : Short title

Message: Entire message including alternate contact if you wish to provide

5.       Once you’re happy with the setup go to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done!

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