single dhcp server for voice and data

single dhcp voice and data networks,using one dhcp server for voice and data networks,sonicwall dhcp voip,sonicwall edit dhcp options,sonicwall dhcp tftp optionUsing single dhcp server for voice and data networks | Its quite common and easy to use two different dhcp server for voice and data networks. But have you ever came through a situation where a single network is used for voice and data ? This case we have to bind our call server, tftp and https server information to our dhcp server. Lets have a look at how to do this in a typical sonicwall firewall. You could try the same logic in all new generation Gui enabled firewalls 
1. Go to DHCP server settings and click on ADVANCED options – Highlighted Yellow.
Path on  new Interface:
System setup -> Network-> DHCP Server
Path on Old Interface:
Network-> DHCP Server

2.  In the Pop up window opened, Click ADD OPTION
 3. In the new Windows, Fill up Name as appropriate , Choose Option 242 . Choose option type as String. Fill the value with the details we want to send with dhcp. For example, considering as voice server, hhtp server as well as tftp server, add the string as below
Click OK once done and return to the DHCP server settings page
 4.  Finally edit your DHCP range settings, under Advanced tab -> DHCP Generic Option, select the newly created option with the voice server details
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