poe vs poe+ vs poe++

Difference of PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ ; PoE or Power of Ethernet is a technology that enable transmission of electric power along with data over ethernet cables. Two pairs of UTP cables are utilized to transmit power low Watt devices This has helped cut short the additional power adapter requirement for these low voltage devices such as IP Camera, WIFI Access points, IP Phones . Biometrics, Alarm systems and similar equipment’s. PoE has evolved over times and acquired additional power capabilities named after PoE+ & PoE++. Lets look at their difference in this very quick article. PoE IEEE 802.3afRead More →

how to use samsung dex

Samsung dex is one of amazing feature of samsung galaxy devices that enables desktop like experience . This transform your galaxy device into powerful workstation where you can make use of your mouse, keyboard & monitor for an easier multitasking experience. Windows and mac os support the Dex feature by installing a tiny software which is available on respective app stores. For best experience one should use the original charging cable that came with your device to connect your PC. By using Dex station, your galaxy device can be directly a a monitor or TV. What we cover in short,Read More →