How to enable modern authentication for Office 2013 clients

How to enable modern authentication for Office 2013 clients ? A question commonly asked by Outlook 2013 users . Reason for this is that ” an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available” are thrown this users if they try to setup exchange & office 365 account . The primary reason for this is , Outlook versions below 2013 sp1 does not support modern authentication . If your have not yet installed the service pack one, click her to install service pack 1 before proceeding further. The issues is fixed by enabling modern authentication in Outlook 2013 usingRead More →

an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available exchange 2013

an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available, outlook 2013 users are thrown this error while setting up exchange & office 365 emails . The primary reason for this is, Outlook versions 2013 SP1 and below does not provide native for support modern authentication. This article discuss fix for Outlook 2013 users who have installed service pack 1. If you are not on SP1, installed it before reading further. Solution for this issue is, to enable modern authentication in Outlook 2013 by changing registry entries. You can either follow the step by steps instructions below or just runRead More →

Cannot move the items outlook

Stuck with outlook error – Can’t move the items. The file pst has reached its maximum size ? Microsoft outlook has a limit on the allowed size of pst file . This is in place for an optimum performance which include but not limited to search and indexing. While outlook 2007 supports a maximum pst file size of 20 GB , Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 and Microsoft 365 supports a maximum size of 50 GB. is it safe to increase the file size ? Users with huge mailbox size seems to get problems using their outlook when theRead More →

turn off conversation view gmail

how to turn off conversation view gmail ? Conversation view in gmail groups together all emails of the same topic . It allows the users to see how the conversation evolved . By default , the conversation view is enabled in google workspace profile. Be it gmail or google workspace , many a times this view do bad than good. Users see some mails go unnoticed or accidently marked as read when multiple emails of a conversation arrives. Having said that, lets jump in and see how can we control this in settings Login to or google workspace accountRead More →

how to change default font in outlook 2016

How to add email signature in outlook ? It is pretty straight forward and steps are similar on Windows and MAC versions. In this article, we will also cover the steps for android and ios versions. Outlook signature doesn’t have any character limitations compared to hub spot or gmail signature block. Lets jump in Set up signature on Outlook for Windows or MAC 1. Navigate to Signature settings Click on New Email and chose the Signature menu in the tools bar Alternative, use the below path File–> Options Once the pop opens, follow below path Mail–> Signatures 2. Add newRead More →

how to change default font in outlook 2016

How to add signature strip in gmail ? Adding an email signature in Gmail or your enterprise email (google workspace) is a straight forward process. How ever, keep in mind Gmail has got a character limit of 8000 letters for signatures which include commas and spaces. This may not create a real trouble for a minimal text signature . But it can give you hard time, if there are images and html codes. Keeping this in mind, lets jump into the real subject, steps to add signature on gmail 1.Login to with your email id and password 2. ClickRead More →

email delay delivery

Delayed – Scheduled Email Outlook   Want to sent an email early morning tomorrow ? Do you know you could use Outlook to compose an email and schedule to send it at a later time automatically ? The Delay delivery option of all version of outlook helps you do this. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to do this 1. Compose a new email 2. Navigate to OPTIONS –>Delay Delivery from the Ribbon Top Menu Bar 3. Check the box near to Do no deliver Before in the Delivery Options. Choose the Date and Time after which you needRead More →