[Solved] an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available outlook 2013

an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available, outlook 2013 users are thrown this error while setting up exchange & office 365 emails . The primary reason for this is, Outlook versions 2013 SP1 and below does not provide native for support modern authentication.

This article discuss fix for Outlook 2013 users who have installed service pack 1. If you are not on SP1, installed it before reading further. Solution for this issue is, to enable modern authentication in Outlook 2013 by changing registry entries. You can either follow the step by steps instructions below or just run the ready made registry script. One should also make sure their software packages are up-to-date.

an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available exchange 2013

Fix 1- Enabling Modern Authentication through Registry Edits

Below registry entries / edits are required to enable the Modern Authentication on outlook 2013 . Follow either of the below solutions,

Run the registry Fix Script [ Solution 1]

Simply Download the below registry scripts and run it. Click YES on the prompt and you are done.

DOWNLOAD 2013 Outlook Registry Fix

You must restart the Computer to get the changes into effect .

Skip Solution 2, if you have done this step.

Manually editting the registry [Solution 2]

How to enable modern authentication for Office 2013 clients ?

If you love to do manual edits to the registries, just follow the below steps

1. Run the registry editor. Type regedit in start menu & run the app.

2. Navigate to below given path


Set Values to respective registries as given below,

AlwaysUseMSOAuthForAutoDiscover to 1

MapiHttpDisabled to 0

Right click and choose Add new Dword , if by any case entries does not exist.

3. Navigate to another registry path


Make Sure the below values are set to 1, Add new Dword if registry not found

EnableADAL – 1

Version – 1

Restart the Computer to get the changes into effect .

Fix 2 – Ensure Microsoft office updates & KB fixes are done via Windows Update

While we fix the registry entries, its important to make sure the latest updates for the Microsoft office 2013 is installed. Updates that we need are

1. Microsoft Office Software updates

While most updates can be done by opening any office software and navigating to

File->Accounts – > Updates

2. Windows Software KB Updates

Occasionally KB updates from Microsoft updates are also necessary.

For this, Navigate to Windows Updates (Simply Type Windows Updates on Start Menu) section of your computer .

Select Advanced option to the bottom and turn on ;

Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update windows

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