poe vs poe+ vs poe++

Difference of PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ ; PoE or Power of Ethernet is a technology that enable transmission of electric power along with data over ethernet cables. Two pairs of UTP cables are utilized to transmit power low Watt devices This has helped cut short the additional power adapter requirement for these low voltage devices such as IP Camera, WIFI Access points, IP Phones . Biometrics, Alarm systems and similar equipment’s. PoE has evolved over times and acquired additional power capabilities named after PoE+ & PoE++. Lets look at their difference in this very quick article. PoE IEEE 802.3afRead More →

how to use samsung dex

Samsung dex is one of amazing feature of samsung galaxy devices that enables desktop like experience . This transform your galaxy device into powerful workstation where you can make use of your mouse, keyboard & monitor for an easier multitasking experience. Windows and mac os support the Dex feature by installing a tiny software which is available on respective app stores. For best experience one should use the original charging cable that came with your device to connect your PC. By using Dex station, your galaxy device can be directly a a monitor or TV. What we cover in short,Read More →

Lapcare G41 motherboard is a popular motherboard which support ddr3 ram. Below we give 5 page manual with specifications from lapcare. If you have any comments or request feel free to get in touch with us. If you are looking for lapcare g41 motherboard drivers, you can find it directly in the below linkRead More →

Cannot move the items outlook

Stuck with outlook error – Can’t move the items. The file pst has reached its maximum size ? Microsoft outlook has a limit on the allowed size of pst file . This is in place for an optimum performance which include but not limited to search and indexing. While outlook 2007 supports a maximum pst file size of 20 GB , Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 and Microsoft 365 supports a maximum size of 50 GB. is it safe to increase the file size ? Users with huge mailbox size seems to get problems using their outlook when theRead More →

turn off conversation view gmail

how to turn off conversation view gmail ? Conversation view in gmail groups together all emails of the same topic . It allows the users to see how the conversation evolved . By default , the conversation view is enabled in google workspace profile. Be it gmail or google workspace , many a times this view do bad than good. Users see some mails go unnoticed or accidently marked as read when multiple emails of a conversation arrives. Having said that, lets jump in and see how can we control this in settings Login to gmail.com or google workspace accountRead More →

how to view file extension in windows 10

By default the windows file explorer is set to hide the file format extension. So the users can only see the file names without extension. We can enable the filename.extension view if you require to view and edit the file extensions so often. So how can we do that ? View file extension in Windows 10 Open File Explorer Click on VIEW tab from the top Ribbon Check the box near to File Name Extensions (Refer below image) how to view file extensions windows 7 and earlier [ Alternative method ] Open File Explorer Click on File -> Options ,Read More →

free pbx remote parse error

Did your freepbx dashboard notified a security certificate error ? ” There was an error updating certificate : REMOTE_ADDR didn’t parse “. Lets see how to resolve this Basically the error is part of outdated firewall module which comes in sync with certificate renewal using letsncrypt or similar services. The danger of this situation is that, in most cases firewall has got disabled automatically and it leads to huge volume of attack from internet How to sort REMOTE_ADDR didn’t parse error ? Update the modules, specially the firewall module. But it is recommended to do all to avoid any moduleRead More →

improve battery life on computer


Today we cover the dos, don’t dos and best practices to improve battery life of your computer . We hereby highlights the habits that sucks out the life from your valuable gadget battery. This will also help increase overall life of your gadget. Let jump in without further ado, Stop running your device 24X7 Give it some time to rest ! Many of us keep our PC on 24X7 because we (pretend) don’t have enough time to wait for a shutdown and boot up cycle. It takes merely seconds (10 seconds or less with an ssd ) for a shutRead More →