improve battery life on computer


Today we cover the dos, don’t dos and best practices to improve battery life of your computer . We hereby highlights the habits that sucks out the life from your valuable gadget battery. This will also help increase overall life of your gadget. Let jump in without further ado, Stop running your device 24X7 Give it some time to rest ! Many of us keep our PC on 24X7 because we (pretend) don’t have enough time to wait for a shutdown and boot up cycle. It takes merely seconds (10 seconds or less with an ssd ) for a shutRead More →

How to deal laptop heating up | A laptop is an extensive investment that requires a great care from your side so that it keeps on running for years. Many laptops (almost 90%) face the problem of overheating. This overheating can cause the laptop to show abnormal behavior thereby causing the internal machinery to fail. Today we will be discussing the techniques and methods that are available today so that your laptop runs smoothly for many years to come. Compressed Air While working with laptop in dusty condition then there are chances that the dust gets deposited on the circulating and coolingRead More →

Computer Laptop Battery Care and Usage Tips Tips for saving charge 1. Turn off Wi-Fi and BlueTooth – They consume most part of the battery charge.2. Adjust the screen brightness to optimum – Dimming your display saves battery power. 3. Avoid playing computer games, music or DVD movies as ultimedia activities drain laptop batteries.4. Disconnect all external device like PC Card modems, USB devices and optical drives. Try to use the notebook touchpad instead of an external mouse. 5. Utilize Windows Power Option – Select Laptop power scheme that turns off the notebook monitor and hard disk after 10 minutes of inactivity.Read More →