Check Nec nec default ip address

nec default ip address | Looking to have a quick look on IP of you NEC SV8100 telephone system ? Here is how to check the IP address of NEC SV8100 model pbx from any of Key phone

Steps to follow on Keyphone

1. Dial  #*#*

2. On password prompt Input- 12345678 + Speaker Button. This will take us to the programming mode of phone. Be careful as the changes may affect system potentially,

3. So we are in Program mode- Now we have to go the the IP address settings. 

Dial below pattern.


 It should display the IP address of the system

4. Once we are done. Exit the programming menu with great care. To Exit from the Menu Press Answer button 4 times

defaults of NEC SV8100 system

Nec Sv8100 Default Ip Address:

Nec Sv8100 Default Password : 12345678

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