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Stuck with outlook error – Can’t move the items. The file pst has reached its maximum size ? Microsoft outlook has a limit on the allowed size of pst file . This is in place for an optimum performance which include but not limited to search and indexing. While outlook 2007 supports a maximum pst file size of 20 GB , Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 and Microsoft 365 supports a maximum size of 50 GB. is it safe to increase the file size ? Users with huge mailbox size seems to get problems using their outlook when theRead More →

how to change default font in outlook 2016

How to add email signature in outlook ? It is pretty straight forward and steps are similar on Windows and MAC versions. In this article, we will also cover the steps for android and ios versions. Outlook signature doesn’t have any character limitations compared to hub spot or gmail signature block. Lets jump in Set up signature on Outlook for Windows or MAC 1. Navigate to Signature settings Click on New Email and chose the Signature menu in the tools bar Alternative, use the below path File–> Options Once the pop opens, follow below path Mail–> Signatures 2. Add newRead More →

email delay delivery

Delayed – Scheduled Email Outlook   Want to sent an email early morning tomorrow ? Do you know you could use Outlook to compose an email and schedule to send it at a later time automatically ? The Delay delivery option of all version of outlook helps you do this. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to do this 1. Compose a new email 2. Navigate to OPTIONS –>Delay Delivery from the Ribbon Top Menu Bar 3. Check the box near to Do no deliver Before in the Delivery Options. Choose the Date and Time after which you needRead More →

gsuite gmail out of office

set up out of office in G suite gmail | G suite or Gmail users using outlook tends to search out of office message options in outlook menus. Standard way to set out of office message alias vacation responder is from the settings. This will enable instant notifications and give option to set the start and end dates. Lets jump into the steps without further ado, steps to set up out of office in G suite gmail Login to your using your Gmail or G suite account user name and password Click on the wheel/gear icon in theRead More →

 Solved article will help you fix Microsoft office activation troubles. With the new office 365 subscription license , it is common to receive license validation errors. Some of them are “Couldn’t Verify Subscription ” and “there was a problem checking device license status“. Errors seemingly happens when the first year of subscription is expired and  keeps popping up even if the subscription is renewed. The  solution to this is to reset the current activation and redo the activation . Below steps will guide you on how to reset the office license activation  Microsoft Office Activation Reset   1. Run Command Prompt (CMD)Read More →

Outlook error contacting |Did you ever faced Outlook popping-up error when opening email with images or html ? And is that hanging up the outlook and make it unusable for at least some seconds before it comes to normal . This normally happen when one or more of the contents in the email is untrusted and the trust centre settings scan the elements before display. Most of the times this is due to images in the content as html format.  “Contacting:\”. Follow the below steps to fix this error Go to File Menu Choose “Options” Click on last menuRead More →

Outlook signature menu not opening | Outlook in office 365 , 2016 and 2013 version has reported bug which prevent users from adding or editing signature to the profile. When you try to add or edit a signature by going to signature menu and the option gives no response. The error is experienced by both Windows 7 and windows 10 users , leaving them at cannot edit signature . Microsoft recommends to do a complete reinstall of the office package that will sort out most of the trouble. We technical engine also recommends to do this first , especially ifRead More →

how to change default font in outlook 2016

how to change default font in outlook 2016 ? Sometimes we gets stuck looking at menu path in the new microsoft office software in order to change the font as we require. Here is the simple guide on how to change default font in microsoft outlook. In the below example we are trying to make open sans as my default font 1.Open Outlook- Select File Menu   2. Select Options 3. Choose Mail Tab on left. Then select Stationery and Fonts 4. Select Font- And do the step 5 changes for all three , one at a time 5. SelectRead More →