New interesting features Gmail | Have you tried the new Gmail interface yet? It really amazing! Well,hang on! Its not just new  interface but they have added many new interested and long waited features to it. Lets look at the main updates below   1.The new interface itself The overall feel of the interface is attractive, it took has took gmail to a new generation look compared to the old interface giving us feeling we are still at 90s. You have three option to choose from. Lets talk about cool default one, 2.  In line Attachments Attachments are shown in lineRead More →

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Computer Buying Tips and Tricks | If you are looking for a computer to check your emails, then you can go and buy any old computer to do the job. If you want to do a bit more like for office use, media editing and other large applications, you will need a computer to suit those needs. Now a days sky is the limit when it comes to the size, speed, and capacity of the new generation computers. However this article suits an average person as well a a tech geek. Lets jump straight in, What kind of computer sizeRead More →