how to port forward on router

Port forwarding is the process of opening up specific ports on the router to the wide Internet. By default all the ports on routers are closed for security to prevent access from outside due to higher risk of getting hacked . But sometimes it may be required to do thisRead More →

How to port foward in belkin router| Have you ever stuck with port forwarding on belkin router for network devices like NVR/Server/Voip? It is little tricky here.See below guide  on how we can do this Port forwarding of a router is required with your system to allow user access to yourRead More →

Etisalat – DU dns settings | Even though many of the cases the service provider will give the details of DNS, the following are the dns server details which may be useful in case manual IP are being used for devices. It is worth to be noted that the google dnsRead More →