an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available exchange 2013

an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available, outlook 2013 users are thrown this error while setting up exchange & office 365 emails . The primary reason for this is, Outlook versions 2013 SP1 and below does not provide native for support modern authentication. This article discuss fix for Outlook 2013 users who have installed service pack 1. If you are not on SP1, installed it before reading further. Solution for this issue is, to enable modern authentication in Outlook 2013 by changing registry entries. You can either follow the step by steps instructions below or just runRead More →

Windows 10 users are getting annoying pop up notification, of missing scirpt file from their system . Can not find script file  “C:UsersPublicLibrariesChecks.vbs”  . This is been found due to some malware or adware that has been installed with illegal software such as video downloaders and mining software. Great caution has to be taken because some cases these software are injecting sleeping ransomeware with these software.  Here is how to fix this error How to fix error – Can not find script file 1. Go to C:/Users/Public/Libraries/  2. Create a new text file and add the below highlighted text to that file:   Read More →

We get stuck many time when our home or office network is automatically detected as public network . This will cause restricted access to network devices such as printer , scanner or any shared drive. There are a lot of ways to change this in Windows 10 from which we recommend to the Powershell option for tech savvies and admins. Change Network from Public to Private You will find this useful in windows 10 home series PC where options are restricted in settings.  Here how we do this using powershell in Windows 10, 1. Run Powershell as a administrator 2.Read More →

Outlook signature menu not opening | Outlook in office 365 , 2016 and 2013 version has reported bug which prevent users from adding or editing signature to the profile. When you try to add or edit a signature by going to signature menu and the option gives no response. The error is experienced by both Windows 7 and windows 10 users , leaving them at cannot edit signature . Microsoft recommends to do a complete reinstall of the office package that will sort out most of the trouble. We technical engine also recommends to do this first , especially ifRead More →

how to remove test mode watermark in windows ,windows test mode remove,disable windows test mode

How to remove test mode watermark in Windows | A lot of users had all of a sudden got a watermark in their Windows 10 . This comes with windows version details above the clock in the lower right corner of the desktop. The message reads “Test Mode Windows 10 Pro Build xxx” appears after an upgrade from previous version . Steps to fix To remove the test mode watermark in Windows 10, you could use Command Prompt tool and a few quick commands .Please do follow the below simple steps: Step 1. Open Command Prompt  (CMD) as an AdministratorRead More →

The feature which allows you to take a screen shot in Windows  is very useful. You can capture the image on your screen as you take a screen shot in Windows  and save it for later. It can be saved for many reasons. Sometimes you need to save the image of the screen e.g. if you get an error message on your system, you can take a screen shot in Windows  operating system and send it to your support person. You can show the webpage you are looking at to someone. That way you won’t have to send a linkRead More →