Outlook was Hotmail |Hotmail – the microsoft email service is now completed its transition into Outlook. Named after its office email software Outlook, has over 400 million active accounts now. Microsoft claims that it migrated about 300 million hotmail accounts, equaling an exchange of about 150 million GB of data in 6 weeks time  range.With this change the software giants also announce  new fetaure for its users including the ablility to send mail  via SMTP besides its deeper integration with skydrive .     SMTP allows user to send emails with different email account, without disclosing the recipients that itRead More →

Prevent cyber attacks | Many people say you should never have a song play automatically when someone hits your website?. but don’t be alarmed, I have decided to alert because I want to show how easy it is to have your browser hijacked. I find that most people do not take me seriously when I explain to them how easy it is to have your device compromised. When you go to a page that automatically plays Flash video or audio, you are in danger of being hacked. You really should protect yourself against this. Just because you only go toRead More →

port number table TCP – IP Ports list | These are numbers used by certain protocols of application layer. Each common protocols are allocated a unique ports . IANA is responsible for assignment of port numbers. Custom ports are also allocated to vendors by the regulatory authorities. Here are the list of important TCP -IP ports commonly used HTTP ———- 80 FTP ———— 20,21   TelNet ———- 23   SMTP ———- 25   DNS ———– 53   TFTP ———– 69   SNMP ———- 161   RIP ————- 520   IMAP 4——— 143   IMAP 3 ——— 220   RPC ———— 135   LDAP ———- 389   Net Stat ——– 15   WINS ———- 42   BootP ———- 67   DHCP ———- 68   POP2 ———- 109   POP3 ———- 110   Net BIOSRead More →