prevent cyber Flash and Java Attacks

Prevent cyber attacks | Many people say you should never have a song play automatically when someone hits your website?. but don’t be alarmed, I have decided to alert because I want to show how easy it is to have your browser hijacked. I find that most people do not take me seriously when I explain to them how easy it is to have your device compromised.

When you go to a page that automatically plays Flash video or audio, you are in danger of being hacked. You really should protect yourself against this. Just because you only go to “safe” sites does not mean you are safe. Often hackers will place malicious code into a well-known site, or embed it in an ad or an iframe.

Ways to protect

Google Chrome lets you go into the settings and choose “Click to Play,”

You may use many browser plug ins that will stop Flash or Java from playing automatically when you visit a page. The best protection is Noscript for Firefox , ScriptNo for Chrome .  If you use Internet Explorer, I recommend using an application called Sandbox.

The reason this is important is because a large number of hacks occur when someone visits such “malicious pages” . These pages has been configured to automatically exploit Flash player or Java by taking advantage of the many vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Oracle’s Java. If you always keep your plug ins up-to-date you are on safer side, but there are new zero-day exploits discovered all the time. Don’t worry, you are safe here, but one day in the future when you click on a search result and see your browser redirect itself to a compromised website, make sure that you are protected from drive-by downloads exploiting Flash and Java.

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