Outlook signature menu not opening | Outlook in office 365 , 2016 and 2013 version has reported bug which prevent users from adding or editing signature to the profile. When you try to add or edit a signature by going to signature menu and the option gives no response. The error is experienced by both Windows 7 and windows 10 users , leaving them at cannot edit signature . Microsoft recommends to do a complete reinstall of the office package that will sort out most of the trouble. We technical engine also recommends to do this first , especially ifRead More →

The feature which allows you to take a screen shot in Windows  is very useful. You can capture the image on your screen as you take a screen shot in Windows  and save it for later. It can be saved for many reasons. Sometimes you need to save the image of the screen e.g. if you get an error message on your system, you can take a screen shot in Windows  operating system and send it to your support person. You can show the webpage you are looking at to someone. That way you won’t have to send a linkRead More →