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Most of the guides on how to change default ssh port in freepbx lacks enough information to complete the process. So we composed all steps into this one page. Changing SSH port is highly recommended on a freepbx which is open to the internet. Hackers all over the world are constantly trying their best to get into pbx using open ssh port. Having said that , lets jump into the steps Its time for your thaughts. It will help us greatly improve in our coming articles. Did this article on how to change ssh password in freepbx help you inRead More →

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SET UP AVAYA IP OFFICE HOLD MUSIC Settings up Music on hold in Avaya IP office varies slightly depend upon the editions . Be aware of music file format and case sensitivity of the file name. Various edition has got time limits on the length of music on hold Maximum time allowed by various systems are as below: Lets jump in to the detail 1. FORMAT THE AUDIO Avaya IP Office system requires music on hold files to be in the below format. Avaya ip office hold music format WAV format 16bit 8 kHz Mono You may see that manyRead More →

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Its a fact that different PABX vendors have set  different file format for the music on hold files setup. You should convert the recorded music file to the defined format , before uploading it the system. Or Else PBX cant detect the music file and will be skipped when attempted to Play. Here we gives the format different systems have defined to configure  music on hold . CISCO: UC500 Series G 711 8khz 8bit .au or .wav CISCO: CUCM 16-bit PCM wav file Stereo or mono Sample rate 8-48 kHz NEC: CCITT A Law 8khz 8bit mono PANASONIC: IMA ADPCMRead More →

nec default ip address | Looking to have a quick look on IP of you NEC SV8100 telephone system ? Here is how to check the IP address of NEC SV8100 model pbx from any of Key phone Steps to follow on Keyphone 1. Dial  #*#* 2. On password prompt Input- 12345678 + Speaker Button. This will take us to the programming mode of phone. Be careful as the changes may affect system potentially, 3. So we are in Program mode- Now we have to go the the IP address settings.  Dial below pattern.  10-12-01  It should display the IP address ofRead More →

    Centralized Voicemail Avaya PABX        Avaya IP Office The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a  combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting  edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.    Centralized Voicemail Pro The Voicemail Pro server on a central IP Office system can be used to provide voicemail services for another remote IP Office system. This is called Centralized Voicemail Pro. Centralized Voicemail Pro requires the IP Office systemsRead More →