r1soft restore backup

r1soft restore backup | R1Soft is a popular backup software to create automatic backup instances of websites. This can be used to restore files when required using c Panel control panel . But this does not applies to restore SQL databases . Below are the step by step instruction onRead More →

avaya hold music format,3cx hold music format,

Its a fact that different PABX vendors have set  different file format for the music on hold files setup. You should convert the recorded music file to the defined format , before uploading it the system. Or Else PBX cant detect the music file and will be skipped when attemptedRead More →

port number table TCP – IP Ports list | These are numbers used by certain protocols of application layer. Each common protocols are allocated a unique ports . IANA is responsible for assignment of port numbers. Custom ports are also allocated to vendors by the regulatory authorities. Here are theRead More →

Raid Storage Explained |  Basic idea of RAID was to combine multiple small, inexpensive disk drives into an array of disk drives which yields performance exceeding that of a Single Large Expensive Drive (SLED). Additionally, this array of drives appears to the computer as a single logical storage unit orRead More →