free pbx remote parse error

Did your freepbx dashboard notified a security certificate error ? ” There was an error updating certificate : REMOTE_ADDR didn’t parse “. Lets see how to resolve this Basically the error is part of outdated firewall module which comes in sync with certificate renewal using letsncrypt or similar services. The danger of this situation is that, in most cases firewall has got disabled automatically and it leads to huge volume of attack from internet How to sort REMOTE_ADDR didn’t parse error ? Update the modules, specially the firewall module. But it is recommended to do all to avoid any moduleRead More →

r1soft restore backup

r1soft restore backup | R1Soft is a popular backup software to create automatic backup instances of websites. This can be used to restore files when required using c Panel control panel . But this does not applies to restore SQL databases . Below are the step by step instruction on how to restore a website backed up using R1soft. Step 1: Browse to R1Soft in cPanel Log into Cpanel and Navigate to Files –> “R1Soft Restore Backups” icon in cPanel. Step 2: Choose the Recovery Point Once you are in the backup server , you are able to view theRead More →

avaya hold music format,3cx hold music format,

Its a fact that different PABX vendors have set  different file format for the music on hold files setup. You should convert the recorded music file to the defined format , before uploading it the system. Or Else PBX cant detect the music file and will be skipped when attempted to Play. Here we gives the format different systems have defined to configure  music on hold . CISCO: UC500 Series G 711 8khz 8bit .au or .wav CISCO: CUCM 16-bit PCM wav file Stereo or mono Sample rate 8-48 kHz NEC: CCITT A Law 8khz 8bit mono PANASONIC: IMA ADPCMRead More →

Outlook error contacting |Did you ever faced Outlook popping-up error when opening email with images or html ? And is that hanging up the outlook and make it unusable for at least some seconds before it comes to normal . This normally happen when one or more of the contents in the email is untrusted and the trust centre settings scan the elements before display. Most of the times this is due to images in the content as html format.  “Contacting:\”. Follow the below steps to fix this error Go to File Menu Choose “Options” Click on last menuRead More →

port number table TCP – IP Ports list | These are numbers used by certain protocols of application layer. Each common protocols are allocated a unique ports . IANA is responsible for assignment of port numbers. Custom ports are also allocated to vendors by the regulatory authorities. Here are the list of important TCP -IP ports commonly used HTTP ———- 80 FTP ———— 20,21   TelNet ———- 23   SMTP ———- 25   DNS ———– 53   TFTP ———– 69   SNMP ———- 161   RIP ————- 520   IMAP 4——— 143   IMAP 3 ——— 220   RPC ———— 135   LDAP ———- 389   Net Stat ——– 15   WINS ———- 42   BootP ———- 67   DHCP ———- 68   POP2 ———- 109   POP3 ———- 110   Net BIOSRead More →

Raid Storage Explained |  Basic idea of RAID was to combine multiple small, inexpensive disk drives into an array of disk drives which yields performance exceeding that of a Single Large Expensive Drive (SLED). Additionally, this array of drives appears to the computer as a single logical storage unit or drive. This has significance in data security as well as data storage among disks. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and it basically involves combining two or more drives together to improve the performance and the fault tolerance. Combining two or more drives together also offers improved reliability and largerRead More →