an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available exchange 2013

an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available, outlook 2013 users are thrown this error while setting up exchange & office 365 emails . The primary reason for this is, Outlook versions 2013 SP1 and below does not provide native for support modern authentication. This article discuss fix for Outlook 2013 users who have installed service pack 1. If you are not on SP1, installed it before reading further. Solution for this issue is, to enable modern authentication in Outlook 2013 by changing registry entries. You can either follow the step by steps instructions below or just runRead More →

how to stop internet explorer from redirecting to edge

Follow this steps to stop internet explorer from redirecting to edge whenever a site is open on internet explorer. Some old website and portal have still got strings attached to internet explorer settings than edge settings. Hence they are forced to be open on IE to be fully functional. In short Edge has got a settings in it which will open all internet explorer browsing to be open in Edge. The solution here is to disable this in settings Steps to disable Internet Explorer compatibility in Edge Open EDGE browser Click 3 dots located top right of the browser andRead More →

windows 10 restarts after shutdown reddit

Why does a windows 10 computer keeps restarting when shutting down ? Well ! Fix these settings are it will be solved in seconds. Lets get into the solution without dragging much to make topic long Check what Power buttons settings Navigate to Power Options in control Panel and make sure the Power button action is correctly set to SHUT DOWN (refer to the below image) Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings MENU PATH Disable Fast Startup Uncheck the Turn-on Fast start-up option in the same power option section. You have to click on Change setting that are unavailable asRead More →

how to view file extension in windows 10

By default the windows file explorer is set to hide the file format extension. So the users can only see the file names without extension. We can enable the filename.extension view if you require to view and edit the file extensions so often. So how can we do that ? View file extension in Windows 10 Open File Explorer Click on VIEW tab from the top Ribbon Check the box near to File Name Extensions (Refer below image) how to view file extensions windows 7 and earlier [ Alternative method ] Open File Explorer Click on File -> Options ,Read More →

how to clear browser cache

Knowing how to clear browser cache is key to solve many browsing issues. Slow browsing experience, login errors, functionality access error are only some of these. Given we have loads of browsers available for free (thanks internet), we will try to cover your favorites. Lets dive in right away How to Clear Cache in Chrome Choose any of the below steps to reach cache settings in chrome, a. Click on three vertical dots , top right to browser and navigate to More tools –> Clear browsing data b. Click on three vertical dots, top right to browser and navigate toRead More →

how to speed up windows 10 laptop

Struggling with a slow windows 10 computer ? These six latest tips can help you improve your pc performance using these 5 tips on how to speed up windows 10. 1.Disable auto startup of unnecessary applications Software in the auto startup will not only slow down the startup process, but also will take up RAM and disk even though not in use. So it is always recommended to remove the heavy and rarely used apps from the startup. Online drive apps like Onedrive , Dropbox are great examples for this. Here is how to do this a) Right click onRead More →

you may be a victim of software counterfeiting windows 7 fix 2018,how to remove message you may be the victim of software counterfeiting,windows 7 victim of software counterfeiting fix,,windows 7 victim of software counterfeiting removal

Getting error ‘you may be a victim of software counterfeiting windows 7 fix’ all of a sudden ? Even though there is a genuine version of windows 7 on your computer, this message has been popping up for many users recently . This is because the windows due to some or other reason cant reach the windows genuine authentication server. So how to fix counterfeit message ? This can be fixed using two simple steps, if you are using a genuinely genuine (Yes ! we mean it ) version of Windows. Let see it below Run CMD as administrator .Read More →

attention windows 7 users

Is windows 7 still good ? Users who are still reluctant to upgrade are warned by Google about the vulnerability of their current system. Windows 7 users using Chrome browser get advise to upgrade their operating system to the latest windows 10. This comes after some potential vulnerability is found recently by Google’s threat analysis group. Major bug was revealed with Google chrome browser. Malicious codes attacked is directed towards users having older version of Chrome with Windows 7. Large numbers of users are vulnerable to risk, which can enable Attackers to take privileged access of the PC Even thoughRead More →

Windows 10 users are getting annoying pop up notification, of missing scirpt file from their system . Can not find script file  “C:UsersPublicLibrariesChecks.vbs”  . This is been found due to some malware or adware that has been installed with illegal software such as video downloaders and mining software. Great caution has to be taken because some cases these software are injecting sleeping ransomeware with these software.  Here is how to fix this error How to fix error – Can not find script file 1. Go to C:/Users/Public/Libraries/  2. Create a new text file and add the below highlighted text to that file:   Read More →