Getting error ‘you may be a victim of software counterfeiting windows 7 fix’ all of a sudden ? Even though there is a genuine version of windows 7 on your computer, this message has been popping up for many users recently . This is because the windows due to some or other reason cant reach the windows genuine authentication server.

So how to fix counterfeit message ?

slmgr resarm command line as administrator

This can be fixed using two simple steps, if you are using a genuinely genuine (Yes ! we mean it ) version of Windows. Let see it below

  1. Run CMD as administrator . ( Click here if you are not sure how to run CMD as Administrator )
  2. Type or Paste the below command and press Enter key

slmgr -rearm

slmgr resarm command line as administrator

This may take a few moments and it will prompt you to restart in order to the changes to get into action. Restart the PC and you could see the error disappeared

What if i am using a pirated windows version

We will highly recommend to use a genuine version because of various reasons. We will list some potential reason below

  • Pirated version is a big security risk for you data and privacy. You wont know what code has the pirates has pre installed for you.
  • Pirated operating system is highly vulnerable to attacks including ransomeware and you will end up paying multiple times that you saved
  • If you are using this in an enterprise , you are risking entire network users and enterprise data by creating a loophole.

Hope this article helped you to solve “you may be a victim of software counterfeiting windows 7 fix” error on you PC. Bookmark us and come back for more in future.