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Netextender is sonicwall’s client for SSL VPN connection. Here we explains how to configure ssl vpn on sonicwall and configure users for connection to the firewall using netextender. Before we setup users or install client, we have to make sure SSL VPN is enabled on WAN interface. If you haveRead More →

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how to avoid ransomware attacks | You will be no exempt from this ! Everyone is a part of this huge campaign . Be alerted about that email with Invoices , Quotes and application for fortune or lottery scheme that comes to your email from an unknown person. The title and content is so appealing that you are induced to open the attachment. Read More →

sonicwall app control blocking skype | Are you a Sonicwall firewall admin facing a situation where enabling the APP control feature causing a block to the Skype as well. The skype signatures are already unblocked but some how Skype still get blocked. Wondered how to over ride skype blocking? HereRead More →