Netextender is Sonicwall’s SSL VPN client. In this topic,we will look how to setup netextender sonicwall vpn. Once the SSL VPN is enabled on the firewall (use this guide if you havent enabled yet ) , follow the below steps . Note:All guides are based on the new interface

how to setup netextender vpn


User profiles has to be created for each user and permissions should be set as required. Navigate to

System Setup –> Users — > Local Users & Groups

Select Local Users

Click Add

In SETTINGS tab, fill and note Username and Password

Under GROUPS tab, select SSL VPN services

Navigaet to VPN ACCESS tab & select the network or device for user access from remote. Example : LAN subnets

Click OK and save once done


Install the Netextender setup downloaded from mysonicwall downloads sections. Always make sure to RUN as Administrator. (use this guide If you are unsure on how to run an msi file as administrator )

Jump to mysonicwall login here

Alternatively you could request assistance for setup file here

Once the setup in installed, you may receive a firewall allowance request. We highly recommend it to check both Home & Work network and click allow. Netextender will present you a pop up where the firewall and users details are to be filled. Refer the below pic

netextender settings windows

Server : Public ip or DYNDNS host name : 4433 .

If you have set a different port number other than 4433, you have to specify it here instead

Fill Username and Password as created . Please note both are case sensitive here

Enter Domain as LocalDomain (Case sensitive) . If you have set this different in earlier, please enter this to match that entry

Remember to Choose the final option on the screen ; Save Username & Password if server allows. Is this is not set, you will have to enter username and password each time you connect.

Click Connect if you are ready to connect. There may be a certificate error warning if you have not set an ssl certificate (which is not mandatory , but recommended security ). Click Always accept and proceed to connect. You will be able to access the network or device defined in the vpn access settings

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