Avaya ip office music on hold format and location


Settings up Music on hold in Avaya IP office varies slightly depend upon the editions . Be aware of music file format and case sensitivity of the file name. Various edition has got time limits on the length of music on hold

Maximum time allowed by various systems are as below:

IP Office 500 & Before : 30 Seconds

IP Office 500v2 : 90 Seconds

Linux based server edition: 600 Seconds

Lets jump in to the detail

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Avaya IP Office system requires music on hold files to be in the below format.

Avaya ip office hold music format

WAV format


8 kHz


You may see that many softwares dont support wav format in 8Khz frequency. AVS audio editor and Audacity are one of the recommended. Freemake audio converter is a free option to consider.


Next step is to upload the formatted file to the exact destination specified by Avaya. File upload location varies with the system edition.

IPO500 V2 system MOH file upload location

In IPO 500 V2 systems Embedded file Manager is used to upload the files to the Avaya Gateway. Follow this path in Avaya Manager software and login to your system using the Administrator credentials

File>Advanced>Embedded File Management

Navigate to the below folder and upload the file


Avaya IPO Server edition & Application Servers File path

The file uploads in server edition and application servers has to be done using an FTP Client such as WinSCP or FileZilla. Use Administrator credentials with SFTP protocol to enter the file system. On successful connection , Navigate to the below path


Click here for detailed step by step guide on how to transfer file to the avaya application server or server edition systems.

3. Editing IP Office Configuration

Open IP Office Manager software and Navigate to the below path

System>Telephony>Tones & Music.

Scroll to Hold Music Section and select the System Source as WAV File . We will be discussing about the other sources in another post here

In the Alternative Sources Column , Fill the field according to the system edition. Importantly note that the name is case sensitive.

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For IPO500V2 Only systems

Number | Name | Source

Any | holdmusic.wav | WAV:holdmusic.wav

For Server edition and Application Server using systems

Number | Name | Source

Any | HoldMusic.wav | WAV:HoldMusic.wav

Save the configuration once finished and hold music is ready to play.

4. Adding additional hold music file

Situations may arise where multiple holdmusic files are used on different lines across a single system. In those cases, Format the holdmusic file as described above, name it HoldMusic1 or similar and then upload it to the defined destination as the primary.

Once the file is in the system, edit the second line to add the additional file.

Number | Name | Source

Any | HoldMusic1.wav | WAV:HoldMusic1.wav

Now you can set this specific music in the incming call route or group as required

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