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New interesting features Gmail | Have you tried the new Gmail interface yet? It really amazing! Well,hang on! Its not just new  interface but they have added many new interested and long waited features to it. Lets look at the main updates below

1.The new interface itself

The overall feel of the interface is attractive, it took has took gmail to a new generation look compared to the old interface giving us feeling we are still at 90s. You have three option to choose from. Lets talk about cool default one,
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2.  In line Attachments

Attachments are shown in line to the list of emails. Now we don’t have to scroll down for each email to see the attachment. If an email is having attachment its displayed on next line of email, and whats more you can open any at single click. 
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3. Email snoozing

Have a reminder on email that you are working on at a later time? You can set a similar to Alarm feature. But this time on Email interface.
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4. Confidential mode

Set security to confidential email by setting expiry date to email or by using a password to open the email .

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5.Smart compose

A really amazing feature but still in testing mode, where it help you compose email quicker. It similar to but is more than just predictive text in your phone. This is an experimental feature utilizing the all trending AI ( Artificial Intelligence). So you have to go to mail settings and enable experimental access to have this option now.

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6.Calender Task and other App Integration

gmail features,new gmail featured,gmail app integration,the new gmail lookMost of us have once thought of gmail similar to outlook with calender and task next to our email. Yes they have brought it this time to right side of the screen. Many new email providers have brought this much earlier though.

7.Improved Offline email

Ever struggled to look at email at a place without internet? Yes. That still exist in this technology. The improved Gmail offline feature will help keep the mail offline, with more controls that you can choose.

8. Addons

Yes, G mail is bringing addon that will improve the possibility of app integration with gmail. Now wait for integrators to bring new addons with exciting features, that would replace third party email client app completely.
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