stop doing this to improve battery life of on computer

Today we cover the dos, don’t dos and best practices to improve battery life of your computer . We hereby highlights the habits that sucks out the life from your valuable gadget battery. This will also help increase overall life of your gadget. Let jump in without further ado,

improve battery life on computer

Stop running your device 24X7

Give it some time to rest ! Many of us keep our PC on 24X7 because we (pretend) don’t have enough time to wait for a shutdown and boot up cycle. It takes merely seconds (10 seconds or less with an ssd ) for a shut down or boot up to happen. Keeping it running without shut down will badly affect battery life and other important components including storage , display , ram , processor and so on

Stop overnight charging

Doing a full discharge cycle and full recharge cycle more often will improve the life of battery. When you keep connecting the charger to your laptop for long time without a discharge the cells and chemicals of the battery will loose its ability to function well. Also avoid charging overnight !

Stop pushing into sleep for a long break

Sleep option is lazy men’s tool. Don’t use this if you are taking a long break. This is not only using your battery , but also keeping the harddisk on most of the time unless other wise set. You may get your works open back quickly by just putting your pc to sleep, but you may also notice that the performance after wake may not be at it full speed.

Perform full discharge & charge cycle often

Let the battery discharge to maximum ( zero if possible ) and do full charge before using. Doing this very often will increase the battery efficiency and battery life.

Clean dust inside the cooling fan

Cleaning the cooling fan by a car vacuum or mini vacuum or even small brush so often will prevent the dust from piling up . If dust piles up on the fan or exhaust opening it will prevent the heat from dissipating. This will increase the fan speed utilizing more power /battery. This will also do harm to computer board and vital components including the processor.

Adjust the brightness & location settings

Don’t make your laptop brightness to maximum. This will increase the power utilization as well as damage your eyes . Also make sure to turn off location which is normally ON many operating system. These will reduce the battery power cycle and help it say longer.

How to view battery life & power cycle ?

Viewing battery power cycle on mac or apple computers

Mac computers has got power cycle option displayed which will help users track their battery health. This can be seen by navigating

About Mac > System Report

Scroll down to power and you will see detailed report there.

Viewing battery report on MS Windows PC

Open CMD or RUN and execute the below command

powercfg /batteryreport

This command will generate a battery report of your laptop and will placed in your local drive at the below location. Please navigate from MY Computer file explorer and navigate to user profile you are current logged in.

C:\Users[USERNAME]\battery report.html

What at end of battery life ?

Not to worry ! Because spares are available for all common models at reasonable rates. Some new model has got inbuilt battery which make it difficult to replace. This can result in higher cost of change.

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