5 Ways How Virtual Reality Will Change Education

How Will Virtual Reality Change Education ? Children are quick and best of the learners. You may notice that this applies well on to their subject of interest. We usually struggle to process large amounts of information when fed at one time and quickly become disengaged. This is the case for students as well as workspace learners.

Byjus in India has set a great example of visualized teaching. Humans are good visual learners,. We have the great ability to process a visual and connect it to our topic far better than mere reading or hearing. This technic far more impactful and increases the grasping ability . This is an excellent example where virtual reality and augmented reality can add great value to the learning process. These technologies can be used effectively by visualizing, deep 3d visuals of the objects and taught as if they are in our surrounding, next to your bench , classroom or virtually anywhere. Lets discuss some in detail,

How Will Virtual Reality Change Education

Virtual reality for students

Virtual reality can take the students to real like places, objects and, even to different times. VR experience can take the learners to see and experience the virtual real world where they are able to experience the subject like it is live . This can bring history to life, and make historical events more accessible to the current second.

All new way of industrial visit and study tours

Industrial visits and study tours are part of the learning curve. What if the industries and the places of importance come to you ? Yes, VR/ AR technologies can bring you the experience of the factories , methods, and even Mars to your class room. Google Expeditions app is one of the app by the software giant to bring amazing experiences for students by offering hundreds of adventures utilizing the AR & VR technology. The Augmented Reality experiences bring concepts to life in the classroom . In the Virtual Reality experiences, student virtually reach the destination. The intended world is created around them which is accessed using VR device .

Changing the labs and practical classes

Augmented reality can change the way school and college laboratories are functioning. This technology can be adapted to many practical biological dissection which include but not limited to medical students who dissect human body, school student who learn about the body parts of roaches and insects, practical applications of physics laws and much more..

Danger factor keep many topics away from labs and practical’s. AR & VR technology can be utilized which enables the students to learn those subject without a physical harm.

Bringing high risk trainings to safety using VR / AR

Workplace trainings, especially those involving high risk are going to be benefited by these extended reality technologies. This enables the firms to do training with zero or reduced risk and then get them to work once they are familiar to it.

Petroleum, mining , firefighting, electricity, aviation are only a few industry which can benefits from this kind of training. While aviation already have simulators in place for training, AR / VR will definitely give life to those simulators.

VR for Enhanced life skills

AR / VR could improve learning life skills. This is now used various learning platform to enable a suitable learning environment for the who seeks to improve the life skills such as public speaking, swimming, driving and much more.

These extended technologies are also used to give a better special education by sparking imagination which by other means lack. This can also result in better collaboration and improved distance learning potential.

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