how to turn off conversation view gmail

how to turn off conversation view gmail ? Conversation view in gmail groups together all emails of the same topic . It allows the users to see how the conversation evolved . By default , the conversation view is enabled in google workspace profile. Be it gmail or google workspace , many a times this view do bad than good. Users see some mails go unnoticed or accidently marked as read when multiple emails of a conversation arrives. Having said that, lets jump in and see how can we control this in settings

turn off conversation view gmail

Login to or google workspace account

Login to with your login credentials

Navigate to settings

Click on gear icon seen on top right of the gmail interface and choose See all settings

Turn off Conversation View settings

Scroll down on the general settings to find conversation view settings. Click on the radio button near to Conversation view off . Scroll down further to the end and click on SAVE CHANGES to save the change

Closing note

Turning off conversation view will arrange the emails individually and makes it easier to use search . When conversation view is turned on , the search result may be hidden inside an conversation and will be difficult to find even though its shown in the search result.

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