How to choose best specs -Laptop buying guide

Technology evolves day by day .So are we trying to be with it. Every one of us had one or other day searched around the latest and interesting stuffs for Laptop buying guide.  Study well before you go to a mall for not to end up being forced with a product of best margin for the seller . Here we give a quick guide on buying a nice laptop.

things to consider when buying a computer

Screen Size 

Choose a suitable screen size depending upon you need. If you are looking for an easy to carry one, opt for smaller size say 13 inch or else if you are looking for graphical works opt for biggest possible. The bigger screen is, the heavier it may get.


Always look for one with graphics card built in. It will always be an assets in long term. In compact model it is less likely to have one.


Technically this should be the first point to look at when considering specification. Core i9 is latest of the series. A core i5 will do most of a common persons tasks with a optimum heavy application. But if you have heavy games and application chose the highest one. Also have a look at operating frequency , never chose ones below 2 GHz for your own sake.

Hard Disk

SSD is best for better speed and performance, but a little pricey . This will drastically increase the boot speed as well as application responses. If you are opting for HDDs , try to get one with higher rpm , say 7200 rpm. Beware of offer packs where most of these are assembled with 5200 rpm HDDs and you will struggle with slower PC soon.


RAM size is vital and related to speed in two means. First one is the how heavy is the application you are going to use. Video editing tools and design tools are much heavier applications and will eat up more RAM. Second one is how many applications are opened simultaneously. The higher number of open apps, higher it is going to consume RAM blocks. For optimum speed we would recommend somewhere  between 6-8 GB .


Choose for a Back Lit key board. This will help you work in darker environment because keys are visible in dark. 


Always chose any laptop with wireless greater than 802.11n spec. Wireless card that support AC would be best. If you are a technical chose for one with Ethernet port or you have to carry a USB to Ethernet adapter in your bag. Opt for blue-tooth depending on your nature of use. 

Operating System

Lets talk about two main players MAC and Windows here. If you are choosing Windows Opt for Windows 10 as other are going to be End of support soon and will invite cyber attacks. Between versions, we would recommend Windows 10 Pro where all features are open. MAC users doesn’t need any words, but keep the OS updated always as it is free as is.

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