HP Probook Slow Startup After Windows 10 Upgrade [Fixed]

hp probook slow startup after windows 10 upgrade

Windows 7 has met end of support by the end of 2019. Any system running windows 7 is advised to have it upgraded to Windows 10 . Its not uncommon that some upgrades go wrong . So make sure you have backed up important data before you start . HP probook series 4530s and 4730s users reported a slow startup issues after the windows 10 upgrade. Lets discuss the reason and how to fix this in easy steps.

The boot up seems to get stuck in black screen for few seconds and then it proceed to the login screen. The main cause for this issues is said to be a compatibility issue with AMD graphics driver which comes inbuilt in these laptops. So , What is the solution to this slow startup ?

Fix 1 – Registry edit : Recommended

This fix the issue if the problem is related to AMD and related drivers

1.Open Registry Editor

hp probook 4730s slow boot windows 10,hp probook 4530s slow startup windows 10

2. Navigate to below path in registry editor


3. Find the Entry EnableUlps . Now Double click on the entry to modify the value to 0

hp probook slow startup,hp probook slow boot,hp probook 4530s slow boot windows 10

4. Exit the registry editor and restart. Check the startup performance.

Fix 2 – Reinstall AMD drivers

If the above fix did not help you solving error, try uninstalling and reinstalling the AMD drivers from the Device Manager

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Find For AMD xxx.. under Display Adapters
  3. Right Click and Uninstall
  4. Click Action-> Scan for Hardware Changes from top Menu
  5. Install the Appropriate AMD drivers made to use with Windows 10
  6. Restart the PC and check if sorted

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